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Off the Menu (2018) HDRip 480p

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20,170 views 3 weeks ago An unlikely heir to a Mexican fast-food franchise goes 'cuisine' hunting for the next culinary big thing, and finds himself in a small, dusty New Mexican town where foodies come from all over to salivate over the culinary treats of a local, authentic, and feisty female chef.

Little Pink House (2017) HDRip 480p

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16,030 views 3 weeks ago A small-town nurse named Susette Kelo emerges as the reluctant leader of her working-class neighbors in their struggle to save their homes from political and corporate interests bent on seizing the land and handing it over to Pfizer Corporation. Susette's battle goes all the way to the US Supreme Court and the controversial 5-4 decision in Kelo vs. City of New London gave government officials the power to bulldoze a neighborhood for the benefit of a multibillion-dollar corporation. The decision outraged Americans across the political spectrum, and that passion fueled reforms that helped curb eminent domain abuse.

No Good Heroes (2018) WEB-DL 480p

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39,790 views 3 weeks ago After living peacefully in the caverns of a small town, a stranded group of aliens turn deadly as they fight for their existence, betraying the compassionate chief of police who has protected them for 28 years.

Damascus Cover (2017) HDRip 360p

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30,680 views 3 weeks ago A spy navigates the precarious terrain of love and survival during an undercover mission in Syria.

Predator 2 (1990) BRRip 720p

1,331,320 views 3 weeks ago Im Los Angeles des Jahres 1997 ist der Krieg zwischen Drogenbanden und der Polizei längst eskaliert. Bei einem Einsatz entdeckt Lt. Harrigan die grausam entstellten Leichen einer Gruppe von Dealern. Seine Vermutung, es könnte sich um Ritualmorde verfeindeter Gangs handeln, wird von dem übermäßigen Interesse des FBI-Mannes Keyes erschüttert. Als auch Cops bei ihren Ermittlungen verstümmelt werden, erfährt Harrigan die Wahrheit: Ein außerirdischer Jäger ist in L. A. auf Großwildjagd, das FBI verfolgt ihn seit Monaten. Die aufgestellte Falle wird zur tödlichen Sackgasse für die Männer des Büros. Harrington stellt sich dem Predator zum Zweikampf von Mann zu Alien. Vom venezolanisc...

Upgrade (2018) HDTS 720p

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395,580 views 3 weeks ago Set in the near-future, technology controls nearly all aspects of life. But when Grey, a self-identified technophobe, has his world turned upside down, his only hope for revenge is an experimental computer chip implant called Stem.

Sekigahara (2017) BluRay 720p

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11,710 views 3 weeks ago The background to and depiction of a watershed battle in Japanese history, at Sekigahara in 1600, when Tokugawa Ieyasu's Army of the East defeated the Army of the West of Ishida Mitsunari. The story includes the intrigues and shifting loyalties of the various retainers, family members, and samurai.

The Overnight (2015) WEB-DL 720p

CC IMDb 6.2 Genre:

1,128,800 views 3 weeks ago Alex, Emily, and their son, RJ, are new to Los Angeles. A chance meeting at the park introduces them to the mysterious Kurt, Charlotte, and Max. A family "playdate" becomes increasingly interesting as the night goes on.

Ruin Me (2017) WEB-DL 720p

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64,280 views 3 weeks ago Welcome to Slasher Sleepout: The Ultimate Horror Movie Experience. It's part camping trip, part haunted house, and part escape room, all rolled into one extreme 36-hour event. Six strangers are hooded, dropped in the middle of the woods, and must navigate increasingly strange and dangerous mysteries. Alexandra, the only participant who has never even seen a horror film, reluctantly tags along with her boyfriend. But one by one, the other campers meet grisly fates, and Alex must unravel the mystery of who's responsible if she wants to have any hope of survival.

14 Cameras (2018) HDRip 720p

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51,190 views 3 weeks ago When a family of four rent a beautiful house for their summer vacation, the price seems too good to be true. Unbeknownst to them, the lascivious owner has set up a series of spy cams throughout the house, documenting their most intimate moments and live streaming them to the dark web.

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