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Hand of Death (1962)

1,370 views Alex Marsh has just created a serum combining hypnotic drug and nerve gas. Unfortunately he uses himself as a guinea pig and the drug transform him into a murderous monster.

Valley of the Dragons (1961)

1,370 views Algeria 1881. Two men, Michael Denning and Hector Servadac are having a duel with one another when a comet goes past the earth at low altitude. The strong wind this creates transports the two men to the moon. They find themselves in a jungle inhabited by reptiles and prehistoric humans. They have a difficult time before they manage to adapt to the dangers, but eventually they each find a girl to spend time with, awaiting the next return of the comet to take them back to Earth.

Latitude Zero (1969)

1,370 views A journalist is saved by a giant submarine captained by a 200 year old man who takes him to an underwater paradise city where no one ages. That's when monsters and mutants sent by the captain's rival, a 200 year old scientist, attack.

Born in a Void (2016)

1,370 views A being born in a void becomes obsessed with its own reflection.

Ace Derringer vs. the Shadow Men (2004)


1,360 views Ace Derringer vs. The Shadow Men is an exciting retro sci-fi short film about inter-galactic adventurer Ace Derringer and his mission to rescue the beautiful Princess Arcadia from the clutches of her nemesis The Shadow Men; who have been pursuing the Princess and her people throughout galaxy in an attempt to steal the Princess's powerful and mysterious "Star of Athera" medallion. Ace and the crew of his rocket ship The Thunder 7, crusty old marine Cal Benton and wiz kid and pilot, Jack Grey fight to protect the Princess and keep the Star of Athera out of the hands of her enemy.

'It's Alive!' (1969)

1,360 views In this sci-fi film a loony farmer finds a prehistoric monster hiding in a cavern on his land. To feed his newest critter, the farmer kidnaps three people. The three desperately try to escape and finally, one of them succeeds.

Return of the Roller Blade Seven (1992)

1,350 views A man must overcome an evil overlord's magic and a slew of seductive sirens on his mission to rescue his captive bride.

7300 Days Later (2014)


1,350 views Five childhood friends meet again exactly twenty years later in the same place they used to play when they were children. The meeting doesn't go according to plans.

Fear Chamber (1968)

1,350 views A scientist notices strange frequencies coming from within the Earth. He and his assistants discover a living rock underneath a volcano. They bring the rock to their lab, and discover that it needs the hormones that are produced by humans when they are fearful in order to survive. They then abduct and sacrifice young girls to keep the living rock alive.

Stormtrooper Target Practice (2015)


1,350 views The first annual Storm Trooper Target Practice. Fan film made for the Star Wars fan film awards, 2015.

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