Hostage (2002)

29,820 views The driver races to locate a kidnapped victim locked in the trunk of an abandoned car somewhere on the water's edge. Linked to her only by cell phone, the driver narrows in on her location in a desperate race against time and tide.

A Charlie Brown Valentine (2002)

25,070 views Valentine's Day with the Peanuts gang: Charlie Brown tries to muster up the courage to ask the little red-haired girl to the school dance. Lucy demands kisses and chocolates from Schroeder. Snoppy writes bad poetry while Sally wants to make Linus her sweet baboo. Marcie grapples with her crush on Charlie Brown, and Peppermint Patty hopes Charlie Brown will take her as his date to the dance.

Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West (2002)

22,700 views National Geographic’s New Large-Format Film With stunning aerial cinematography and meticulous recreations, Lewis & Clark dramatizes the legendary early 19th-century expedition that crossed the uncharted North American West. Relive one of the greatest tales of adventure and exploration in history, as National Geographic brings to life the epic journey of Lewis, Clark, their guide Sacagawea and the brave Corps of Discovery across the land that would become the United States. Now, two hundred years after the launch of this ambitious expedition, experience first-hand the danger and breathtaking beauty of the unknown West as it unfolded before the eyes of Lewis & Clark.

Wallace & Gromit's Cracking Contraptions (2002)

22,030 views Wallace and Gromit try out a number of their latest inventions which rarely work as planned.

Baby Einstein: World Animals (2002)

12,810 views Babies love animals, and now you can bring animals from the seven continents home to your baby. Meet dozens of exotic animals including Asian pandas, Australian kangaroos and Arctic snow monkeys...all filmed in their beautiful, natural habitats. Rhythms and songs inspired by faraway lands have been orchestrated especially for little ears and encourage your baby to sing, dance and play to the world beats. You'll laugh together at the funny puppet shows featuring moms and their baby animals. It's an exciting world for you and your baby to discover together!

Brazil (2002)

12,580 views Otto, a blue production line worker, discovers the infidelity of his wife, Sarah. The day before their separation, he begins a macabre and twisted revenge...

Dream a Little Dream for Me (2002)

12,460 views Director: Ned Farr
Cast: Troy Ruptash, Dreya Weber

The Tale of the Floating World (2002)

11,500 views Director: Alain Escalle
Cast: Yûko Nakamura, Ryôya Kobayashi, Kakuya Ohashi, Takuji Suzuki, Kazuhiro Nakahara, Alain Escalle

Gone Nutty (2002)

10,160 views Scrat is putting one last acorn into a huge and very neatly arranged stash, but it keeps popping up. He jumps on it -- once too often, and the whole stockpile falls through a knothole in the tree stump. The acorns and Scrat fall a very long way; on the way down, Scrat collects them into a huge ball. Everything hits the ground, and Scrat must pull out of the snow quickly to avoid one last acorn, which is becoming red-hot from the reentry force. It hits the Earth, with a major impact. But at least Scrat has that acorn - or does he?

Baby Einstein: Baby Shakespeare World of Poetry (2002)

10,120 views Baby's innate curiosity about all they see and hear increases on a daily basis. Before long, they begin to associate words with objects and to imitate and articulate sounds. Why not give their eyes and ears something wonderful to feast upon? Baby Shakespeare™ presents little ones with 12 common words that can be found within the rich context of classic poems and the beauty of nature. By combining the poetry with engaging puppet shows, funny sound effects, colorful, stimulating images and the glorious music of Ludwig van Beethoven, this exciting introdcution to language provides countless opportunities for you and your baby to interact as you explore the wonderous world together! END

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